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The other day I got a phone call on my cell phone from a number I did not know.  They called twice in a row and left 2 messages (one was blank and one was a lady I couldn’t understand).  Like other people I hate when I get phone calls that I don’t recognize – especially on my cell phone.  I don’t mind when I get unwanted calls on my home phone because I can either shut the phone off (which I usually do) or I just hang up.  But when I get a call on my cell phone it is very annoying.  Since I have my cell phone in my pocket all day when I get a call it interrupts what ever I was doing at that time (driving, sleeping, in a meeting, etc.)

So, when I got 2 calls from that unknown phone number the other day I wanted to find out more on that number.  Was it a telemarketer?  Was it just a mis-dial?  Was it a sales call?  Was it somebody I know but I don’t have their phone number?  I didn’t want to pay for any reverse phone lookup site so I did a quick search in Google on the phone number that called me and found a cool site called that had information on the phone number that called me.  I found the number through Google but if you can’t find the number that you are searching for through Google then you can browser for the number on their list of area codes page (I couldn’t find a search box to search by number.)  It had the location of the number (city, state, zip, etc.) with a map.  It also had reports and comments from other users (although this particular number did not).  I thought that that user comments was cool because if somebody did get a call and answered it they could put information on what they found on that number.  I did not post a comment on the number that called me but I probably should have.

One of the better features that I noticed on is that you can bookmark or add a number to  your “FAVs”.  According to their how it works page you can add a number to you FAVs to follow that number.  So, when you do that they will send you an email when another users comments on that number.  I think that is pretty cool because if you really want to find information on that phone number you don’t have keep going back to the site to see if there is anymore information that has been added.  Just bookmark and they will notify you when there is new data.

Some other features that I thought were useful is they will actually find the owner information if more than 10 user comments are on that number.  I like that because then I don’t have to pay for it – they do!  It looks like faveous also will submit a number to the Do Not Call Gov website and file a complaint for certain numbers (I’m not sure how they determine which phone numbers to submit though).

National Cellular Directory Review

I started my research in the cell phone directory industry by first turning my attention to Google. Sites that rank in the top 3 positions typically deserve to be there. Google has an elaborate site ranking technique that measures sites on social media presence, user time on site, site quality, number of external sites linking and thousands of others factors. After conducting some random keyword phrase checks on Google I consistently found National Cellular Directory on top.

What does it deliver?
After I started researching this site, I quickly started to understand why they rank on top for many search terms in Google. This site has what they call a “Happy Hour”, and I love it. It’s an idea on the internet that I’ve never seen implemented before. From a marketing standpoint it’s brilliant, it’s the same philosophy as bar & grills happy hours, offer the discount for a short period of time to draw in the clients then charge them regular price outside happy hour times. However, the National Cellular Directory still does not charge a fee outside of Happy Hour. When it is not Happy Hour users can search their opt-in directory. So, not only are they free during Happy Hour but they are also free outside of they Happy Hour time-frame.  According to their website you can find the next Happy Hour on their Twitter account.

It also looks like they have a “comprehensive” review section of other people search websites just in case you don’t find the information you are looking for on their site.  I wouldn’t call the reviews comprehensive but it does have some good information on 10 different paid people search sites.  It has pricing and user ratings (5 star) for each review (which you can sort by).  I thought the reviews were helpful if you need an alternative option when searching for a person or phone number information.

Too many so call “Free” tools out there on the internet that fall short and don’t deliver. In fact, most of the “free” tools don’t deliver at all. Yes, they are free but there are never any results found. The National Cellular Directory is truly an anomaly.

Cell Phone Number Search

Trending: Cell phone directories are replacing phone books.

Will our children even know what a phone book is? With the way technology is trending, I’m sure that will be the case for my 4 year old. I can honestly say that I haven’t used a real phone book in over 8 years. At that time, I realized I could fumble my way through a phone book and look up the telephone number or I could quickly use and find the number 2 or even 3 times as fast.

Now with the latest trend of everyone using cell phones it makes sites like obsolete. That’s a hard fact but a true one. With technology changing so fast you have to know where and what your tools are at all times. The cell phone number search new era of technology is starting to be uncovered as we speak. There is a technology rush to see who the leader in the cell phone number search industry is. The old saying: “The strong will survive”, is definitely relevant in this situation.

Keep YOU abreast of what your trending tools are today is what this site is all about.

VenusZine Review
Out team of reviews is going to analyze the industry leader and identifiy the best tool(s) on the market for you. Our unbiased analysis will include easy of use, price, credibility, accuracy and finally the sale process.

Keep checking back over the new few weeks as we begin our process and report our results.

Trends in Cell Phone Technology

Current Trends
Technology in the cell phone industry continues evolve faster than anyone can imagine.  The concept of allowing “apps” to function on the phone has accelerated this evolution.  The phone has turned into a tool that aids into your everyday personal lifestyle.

For example, I would characterize myself as a sports theme lifestyle.  Therefore, the tools I use on my phone everyday are GPS (off-roading, golfing), MP3 (running), Nike Monitor (biking), Safari (sports scores).  My brother has more of a work related theme, so he using Stock apps, Outlook (email), WSJ (news feeds).

The point being that the phone has turned into a tool that can be customized by using apps to help any lifestyle.

The 2 hottest platforms that use the “app” technology concept are Android and Mac OS X (iPhone).  As of 2013 iPhone still has the most apps in the market place, but Android is trending a high built rate of new apps entering the market place.  Creating apps in the Android platform is much easier, for 2 reasons.  First, it takes less time/code to develop an Android app.  And second, it has less restrictive rule to successfully place the app in the market place.  Bottom line, it takes less time to build and deploy an android app, therefore it’s less expensive.  If it cost less and delivers the same results then its an easier decision from a business owner perspective.