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Who is HughesNet?

HughesNet is the pioneer of the satellite internet industry. They introduced the first major orbiting satellite in 1993. Since the beginning, HughesNet has strived to be the best in the business, by offering astounding coverage and the quickest high speed satellite internet around. Our goal is to provide phenomenal internet options to families throughout all 50 states.


HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet Gen4 is the latest and greatest high speed satellite internet service offered by HughesNet. All of our Gen4 packages offer dramatically higher speeds and better performance than any other satellite internet provider.

HughesNet has the advantage of researching satellite internet for over 40 years, and this has resulted in a new high capacity satellite. Connect as many computers as you would like! Our fastest plan can provide high speeds for multiple computers.

Powerful, State Of The Art Technology

HughesNet Gen4 is available because of the newest HughesNet satellite. EchoStar XVII has the latest satellite internet technology, and gives users the highest speeds in the satellite internet industry. It is the highest capacity satellite so far, and the first to support high bandwidth applications such as streaming videos or music. The EchoStar XVII delivers the latest and greatest high speed satellite internet service. The new HughesNet Gen4 package leads the way in providing the finest satellite internet nationwide.

Take pictures and send them to friends and family immediately! With HughesNet Gen4, you can download music albums with the click of a button! Don't wait hours for one song to finally finish loading. Watch movies without any buffering or lag!

Why would you stick with slow internet when you could have HughesNet Gen4?

Internet users are frustrated with the sluggish speed of dial-up and DSL. In rural areas of the United States, this used to be the only option. Thanks to the leaps made in satellite internet research, the lightning-fast speeds that HughesNet offers is a welcome relief in remote areas. You don't need to wait to have fast internet. Call 1-888-338-4141 today to experience high speed satellite internet today!


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If you have been searching for quick speeds, coverage, and reliable service, look no further. HughesNet is America's #1 internet provider and offers the best rates in the satellite internet industry. Our sales professionals will be able to help you with any questions, and our customer service team is available 24/7. Call 1-888-338-4141 today!

Why do Satellite Internet Users Prefer HughesNet?

HughesNet offers the best speeds in rural areas nationwide. We are also the only satellite internet provider available in all 50 states. As long as there is a clear view of the southern sky, you can get the best high speed satellite internet service available in the United States! HughesNet is also much faster than dial-up or DSL. You can download movies, listen to music, upload photos, chat online, and even play games online!

HughesNet also has the best reputation in the satellite internet industry. We have operated with the highest standards for over 40 years, and perfected the art of providing a reliable product with excellent customer service.

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