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Many people don't think of satellites when they picture using the internet. However, high speed satellite internet has been around since 1993 and continues to make advancements in speed and coverage. Thanks to orbiting satellites, internet service is now available in rural areas all around the world. Many remote regions were forced to function without any internet service previous to the introduction of satellite internet.

Satellite Internet is also quite simple. All you will need is a computer, a modem, and a satellite dish. Our HughesNet installers will put in all the equipment for you, so your only responsibility is to turn on the computer and start browsing! We take care of all the technical work. See below for everyday questions regarding high speed satellite internet.

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Common Questions

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How Does Satellite Internet Work?

With Satellite Internet, your satellite dish both sends and receives data from a satellite orbiting the atmosphere. These satellites are 23,300 miles away, and signals are transmitted in less than a second. These lighting speeds are attributed to advanced satellite technology. Since the signal is transmitted through your satellite dish, make sure that there are no trees or mountains blocking the signal's path. The satellite dish also needs to point south, because the orbiting satellites are aligned above the equator.

Can I Get Satellite Internet In My Area?

Thanks to improved satellite technology, our high speed satellite internet is available nationwide in all 50 states! The one limitation for our coverage is that you must have clear access to the southern sky. There cannot be any trees or mountains that would block the satellite's path. To confirm coverage in your area, call 1-888-338-4141 today!

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Can I Watch TV Shows And Movies Online With Satellite Internet?

You can easily stream videos and movies online with our various high speed satellite internet plans! However, keep in mind that streaming movies and TV shows can eat up data more quickly than simple browsing. Therefore, you will need to choose a larger plan with more data.

Which Is Better- Satellite Internet Or DSL?

Satellite Internet definitely blows DSL out of the water when it comes to speeds, reliability, and availability. With our state-of-the-art satellite technology, you won't need to worry about slower speeds during peak times or having a phone line. No landline necessary! DSL internet is also heavily limited based on your location, while satellite internet is available almost anywhere nationwide!

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