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HughesNet High Speed Satellite Internet: The Best Option

Internet users in rural areas of the United States are tired of slow internet speeds and spotty coverage. Modern day activities require high speed internet. Dial-Up and DSL internet can't meet the needs of our internet users anymore. While DSL is quicker than dial-up, it still can't compare to HughesNet high speed satellite internet.

Satellite internet has completely revolutionized how internet users in remote areas experience the world wide web. HughesNet offers fast speeds that have never been seen before, getting you connected as soon as you turn on your computer. Browse online, explore social media, watch videos, listen to music, and do much more with the latest satellite internet technology that HughesNet provides. Call 1-888-338-4141 to hear about our latest packages and promotions.

HughesNet offers coverage in all 50 states! Click on your state below to see the specific packages that are available.

Why Is HughesNet Better Than Dial-Up And DSL?

Rural internet users will definitely benefit by switching to HughesNet high speed satellite internet service. Satellite internet is over 100 times quicker than dial up, and more than 10 times faster than DSL internet. Satellite internet also does not slow down during peak times, and is always on due to a constant connection with an orbiting satellite dish.

With HughesNet, your internet is connected to a satellite dish miles above the equator, and transmits signals in fractions of a second. Unlike DSL, is is available almost everywhere, and isn't limited by having an old phone line wired in your home. HughesNet satellite internet is the best option for rural internet users, offering quick speeds, nationwide coverage, and dependable service.

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