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Technology in the cell phone industry continues evolve faster than anyone can imagine.  The concept of allowing “apps” to function on the phone has accelerated this evolution.  The phone has turned into a tool that aids into your everyday personal lifestyle.

For example, I would characterize myself as a sports theme lifestyle.  Therefore, the tools I use on my phone everyday are GPS (off-roading, golfing), MP3 (running), Nike Monitor (biking), Safari (sports scores).  My brother has more of a work related theme, so he using Stock apps, Outlook (email), WSJ (news feeds).

The point being that the phone has turned into a tool that can be customized by using apps to help any lifestyle.

The 2 hottest platforms that use the “app” technology concept are Android and Mac OS X (iPhone).  As of 2013 iPhone still has the most apps in the market place, but Android is trending a high built rate of new apps entering the market place.  Creating apps in the Android platform is much easier, for 2 reasons.  First, it takes less time/code to develop an Android app.  And second, it has less restrictive rule to successfully place the app in the market place.  Bottom line, it takes less time to build and deploy an android app, therefore it’s less expensive.  If it cost less and delivers the same results then its an easier decision from a business owner perspective.

4 thoughts on “Trends in Cell Phone Technology

    • Thanks for the feedback! I anticipate we are going to see some areas of focus on the camera, GPS and map apps. For example, I see the camera tool really exploding. We might see a special line of iPhones that come on the market that have high end camera capabilities.

  1. I totally agree with your lifestyle comments. I have 3 kids, ages 2, 4 6. So I have tons of gaming apps on my phone that my kids love to play.

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